INSERT es Techno & Respeto

Sencillez en ritmos inteligentes.
Sonidos cuidadosamente iluminados.
Complicidad entre miradas.
Igualdad, empatía y actitud.
Comodidad seductora y envolvente.
Encontrarse en la intensidad del momento.
Auténtica cultura de club.

INSERT se diferencia por su género musical
definido, su especial cuidado del sonido
y sus luces controladas en directo.

NO VIP’s, todos somos iguales.
NO MÓVILES, desconecta y déjate llevar.
NO GOGOS, los que bailamos estamos en la pista.
NO FASHION, sé tú mismo, viste para sudar.

Abre tu mente… vive INSERT


Flug – Miki Craven


Flug, como su nombre sugiere en Aleman, lleva a su audiencia a hacer un vuelo de regreso a sus raíces, llevándolos a conectar con su ser interior sintiendo realmente el tecno en su estado mas puro.
Ha actuado en clubs de la talla de, Space Ibiza, Arena Club Berlín, Lehman club, Stuttgart, Rex París, Moog Barcelona, Flex Viena y festivales como Hyte Ámsterdam, DGTL Barcelona, Nature One o MAYDAY en Alemania, por nombrar algunos. Es uno de los Djs Argentinos que ha destacado claramente en el extranjero, no sólo a través de sus sesiones de DJ, que son devastadoras, con serios e imponentes kicks, convinados con el uso sutil de los hi-hats y líneas de bajo profundas y constantes, sino que también por el impulso de su propio sonido, que orgánicamente ha desarrollado a travez de los años, este versátil artista hace que su música sea especialmente reconocida por amalgamar sonidos industriales con ritmos melódicos, elegantes y elocuentes que llevan a uno a experimentar un autentico viaje.

Antigone – Røtter



At the the forefront of the French techno scene, Antigone is today a leader and mentor
for a whole new generation of electronic music producers and djs.
His entry into the world of electronic music has been highly acclaimed with his initial
EP Forbidden Works published by Construct Re-form. Antigone followed his debut with
the Menace of Species release on Concrete Music, offering him a warm welcoming by
his peers.

Abstract Division – Audiolux



Dutch duo Abstract Division is out on a mission. With over 25 years of collective experience under their belt, Paul Boex and Dave Miller are skilled selectors who go above and beyond to find the right record for the right moment. Releasing on their own Dynamic Reflection label, the pair imbue their cuts with hypnotising drones and expansive sonic soundscapes that manage to be physical yet uplifting. After more than twenty years in the game, they are as able in the booth as they are in the studio and it means they can react to, and rock, any given club or festival.

Kr!s – Lowsystem



Kr!z always had a strong sympathy for the more gloomy, dark, rawer sound of techno. Artists like Jeff Mills, Surgeon & James Ruskin had a major influence on him in the 90ies. They helped to define his musical taste and develop his own identity in the techno scene. Kr!z still has a big love for hip hop, which has left it’s mark in his technical dj style: fast & tight mixing, properly dosed with cuts & scratches.
Being a respected & established value in Belgium for a decade and a resident-dj for Belgium’s legendary techno night ‘Kozzmozz’, his dj-schedule now takes him all over the world.

Gus van Sound – Ruben Seoane



En unos años ha pasado de ser un ‘residente del MOOG’ a uno de los DJs esenciales de Barcelona, aunque su historia comenzó mucho antes y ha recorrido muchos lugares (La Paloma, Sonar, Monegros… etc). También ha pasado de ser un warmupero de lujo a un nombre con derecho propio, reconocido como uno de los DJs a los que debería prestarse más atención según la FACT Magazine hace un par de temporadas. Y recientemente se ha pasado al sector discográfico co-fundando los sellos Polybius Trax y Clásicos Del Ruido. Agitador, underground y multidisciplinar, Gus Van Sound es mucho más que un DJ.



Serkin – Korben Nice


Es de agradecer que aún queden artistas por el cual la integridad no es negociable.
Kevin Schwantz mantiene hoy, doce años después de sus pasos por el underground barcelonés, la misma visión de la electrónica como combustible para la agitación social. Después de haber actuado en clubs como Moog, Row, Rachdingue, The Loft o Florida 135, y haber pinchado junto a artistas como Dave Tarida, Ángel Molina, Omar León, Sistema, Exium o Pfirter entre otros, nos queda claro que Kevin ha sabido mantenerse firme a sus claras influencias Techno.


Insert 5.Aniversario:
Simo Lorenz 6hrs set



Techno in full on precision. Honest, deep and punchy with a raw straightforwardness.

Driving, hypnotic sounds blend with rough energetic originals into some form of hybrid live / DJ-Set, deconstructing and reassembling any way he needs them, until it sounds perfect to him and coalesces into a unified whole. This is Simo Lorenz. A commanding, precise and painstaking work on his drum machines, controllers and mixing desk is what distinguishes him: each flick of the wrist fits. His own independent technoid utopia. A fan once aptly described it as „Balls to the wallhammer bass with that into the void hypnosis stuff on top of it“.


Alex Bau – Javi Lago


An affection to vinyl at an early stage is most probably the best precondition to become somebody finally ending up playing those vinyls for people. Somebody with a musical background. Somebody picking the right record at the right time. Somebody serving and educating people at the same time. Somebody being called a DJ.

This fascination for records, starting in the mid 80ies as a collector, and later on in the early 90ies as a DJ still is the a factor for Alex, though his setup on gigs has evolved to a rather complex, digital one. Though, the music is the only thing that counts. This is what Alex approves throughout his constant touring and gigs around the globe. It`s filtered by the DJ, performed in different ways, maybe even manipulated. But it`s the music which has the impact on the visitors of the club or festival so that their reaction scales the intensity of this particular experience. It ́s the music which is the key element for a good performace and which has to be supported by a good, powerful soundsystem, a fitting surrounding and the technical way it is performed. Equal to the formula „the whole party is like a movie and while the people on the dancefloor are the mainactors, I am just delivering the soundtrack.“


Jonas Kopp b2b Pfirter – Flug


As a deeply spiritual man, Jonas believes his music can bring people together on a higher level: connected through art. “I know my mission in this life is give service and help to make people awake-aware through my gift.”

If you ask anyone in the music industry how they started their sonic journey of discovery, many will cite the radio or a certain DJ or band. For Jonas Kopp, that magical moment occurred as he began his teenage years with a piece of music that would shape his life: Kraftwerk’s seminal album, Trans Europa Express. “From that moment nothing was the same.” he recalls. “My father had seen I was interested in music and bought me a turntable and some vinyl.” Gaining all the skills needed to be a DJ, he burst on to the scene in the mid ’00s working as a resident DJ at a local radio station in his hometown of Buenos Aires. Aged 19, as Area 64, he had already made his first full length CD.


Past events

25.12.2017Aiken – Cristian Wünsch – HD Substance – Joton – Svreca

17.12.2017Kike Pravda – Jose Pouj [Injected Poison Showcase]

10.12.2017Gotshell [live] – Tronus

03.12.2017Anika Kunst – Unkle Fon

26.11.2017Røtter – Spear

19.11.2017Kølpøs – Eric Fetcher

12.11.2017Aleja Sanchez – Fixon – Ricardo Garduno [Illegal Alien Records 10 Anniversario Showcase]

05.11.2017Invite – Flug

29.10.2017Miki Craven – Serkin

22.10.2017Cleric – Anika Kunst

15.10.2017Audiolux – Rubble Bødy [Speaks Silence Showcase]

08.10.2017Korben Nice – Lowsystem

01.10.2017Annie Hall – Sinert

24.09.2017Drumcell – Truncate – Lluis Flores – Flug [Droid Behavior Records 15 Anniversario Showcase]

06.09.2017Insert Showcase Moog Barcelona: Annie Hall – Korben Nice – Ruben Seoane

25.08.2017Insert Showcase Modular City Hall Barcelona: Flug – Anika Kunst – Røtter

12.07.2017Insert Showcase Moog Barcelona: Anika Kunst – Sinert – Gus Van Sound

18.06.2017Insert Showcase Off Week This Is Hardcore: Anika Kunst – Audiolux – Flug – Korben Nice – Miki Craven – Røtter – Serkin – Sinert – Spear

28.05.2017Adriana López – Men

21.05.2017Alex Bau – Flug [Credo Records 10 Aniversario Showcase]

14.05.2017Kike Pravda – Korben Nice

07.05.2017Serkin – Røtter

30.04.2017Jeroen Search – TWR72 – Amotik – Miki Craven – Men

23.04.2017Keith Carnal – trs.

16.04.2017Flug – Sinert [Rawcuts Musik Showcase]

09.04.2017Jose Pouj – Serkin

02.04.2017Anika Kunst – Aleja Sanchez

26.03.2017Sinert – Tronus

19.03.2017Simo Lorenz – Miki Craven

12.03.2017HD Substance – Men

05.03.2017Spear – Rubble Bødy

26.02.2017Anika Kunst – Korben Nice [Chapter Records Schowcase]

19.02.2017Klaudia Gawlas – Javi Lago

12.02.2017Insert Club 3.Aniversario: Flug 8hrs set

05.02.2017Gus Van Sound – Fase [Moog Showcase]

29.01.2017Marla Singer – Audiolux

22.01.2017Adriana López – Javi Lago

15.01.2017Men – Sinert

08.01.2017Røtter – Korben Nice

01.01.2017Miki Craven – Flug

18.12.2016Aiken – Anika Kunst

11.12.2016Men – Serkin

04.12.2016Edit Select – Røtter

27.11.2016Javi Lago – Cyklos

20.11.2016Pär Grindvik – Serkin

13.11.2016Flug – Mekas (live)

06.11.2016Tensal – Men

30.10.2016Miki Craven – Sinert

23.10.2016Traumhaft – Audiolux

16.10.2016Ricardo Garduno – Anika Kunst

09.10.2016Claudio PRC – Spear

02.10.2016Christian Wünsch – Men

19.06.2016Insert Showcase Off Week This Is Hardcore: Anika Kunst – Audiolux – Flug – Javi Lango – Men – Miki Craven – Segmento – Traumhaft

29.05.2016Flug – Røtter – Traumhaft – Sinert

22.05.2016Audiolux – Segmento

15.05.2016Jeff Rushin – Javi Lago

08.05.2016Men – Rubén Seoane

01.05.2016Adriana López – Anika Kunst

24.04.2016J.C. – Tørk

17.04.2016Flug – Serkin

10.04.2016P.E.A.R.L. – Audiolux

03.04.2016Mental Resonance – Traumhaft

27.03.2016Spear – Sinert

20.03.2016Christian Wünsch – Men

13.03.2016Joton – Audiolux

06.03.2016Flug – Miki Craven

28.02.2016Ricardo Garduno – Gus Van Sound

21.02.2016Jose Pouj – Røtter

14.02.2016Men – Audiolux

07.02.2016Insert 2.Aniversario: Jonas Kopp – Traumhaft

31.01.2016Javi Lago – Agnosia

24.01.2016Markus Suckut – Flug

17.01.2016Simo Lorenz – UZB

10.01.2016Reeko – Miki Craven

27.12.2015Adriana López – Spear

20.12.2015Lewis Fautzi – Traumhaft

13.12.2015Pfirter – Flug

06.12.2015Jeroen Search – Tørk

24.07.2015Insert Showcase Under Club Argentina: Flug 7hrs Set

05.04.2015Kessell – Men

15.03.2015Kwartz – Flug

01.03.2015Luis Flores – Audiolux

15.02.2015Drumcell – Tørk

01.02.2015Insert 1.Aniversario: Flug – Men – Tørk – Audiolux

01.01.2015Rebekah – Flug – Audiolux – Tørk – Kellner – Marla Singer

18.01.2015Reeko – Men

23.11.2014Pfirter – Tørk

14.09.2014Insert Showcase Open Air Toulouse: Luis Flores – Flug – Tørk – Audiolux

12.06.2014Insert Showcase Off Week: Psyk – Tadeo – Henning Bear – NX1 – Flug – Men – Serkin

18.05.2014Flug – Audiolux

11.05.2014KR!Z – Tørk

04.05.2014NX1 – Serkin

27.04.2014Miki Craven – Gus Van Sound – Men – Tørk

20.04.2014Tommy Four Seven – Flug

13.04.2014Adriana Lopez – Ricardo Garduno – Audiolux

06.04.2014Tadeo – Aiken

30.03.2014Flug – Javi Lago – Men – Audiolux – Tørk

23.03.2014Pfirter – Unam Zetineb

16.03.2014Drumcell – Flug

09.03.2014Developer – Exium – Men


Flug – Miki Craven


Antigone – Røtter


Abstract Division – Audiolux


Kr!s – Lowsystem


Gus van Sound – Ruben Seoane


Serkin – Korben Nice


Insert 5.Aniversario:
Simo Lorenz 6hrs set


Alex Bau – Javi Lago


Jonas Kopp b2b Pfirter – Flug


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