INSERT es Techno & Respeto

Sencillez en ritmos inteligentes.
Sonidos cuidadosamente iluminados.
Complicidad entre miradas.
Igualdad, empatía y actitud.
Comodidad seductora y envolvente.
Encontrarse en la intensidad del momento.
Auténtica cultura de club.

INSERT se diferencia por su género musical
definido, su especial cuidado del sonido
y sus luces controladas en directo.

NO VIP’s, todos somos iguales.
NO MÓVILES, desconecta y déjate llevar.
NO GOGOS, los que bailamos estamos en la pista.
NO FASHION, sé tú mismo, viste para sudar.

Abre tu mente… vive INSERT


Drumcell – Truncate – Lluis Flores – Flug [Droid Showcase]


Founded by Drumcell and brothers Raiz, DROID BEHAVIOR was started 15 years ago in Los Angeles as the underground warehouse event Interface featuring techno luminaries from around the globe, often for their USA debut (including Speedy J, Sandwell District, Surgeon, Chris Leibing), in addition to residents Drumcell, Raiz, and Audio Injection and Oktaform (Droid/Timewarp/Hyte) on visuals. Soon followed a record label featuring releases from its residents and friends, including Dustin Zahn, DJ Hyperactive, Flug, Luis Flores, and Kyle Geiger.

Since it’s inception, it’s garnered a global fan base for its quality audio and visual production, unique venues and packaging, well-curated bookings, and an overall vibe that remains unmatched in The States. As such, Interface and DROID nights have hit some of the world’s most prestigious clubs and music festivals as follows – The Movement in Detroit x 9, ADE in Amsterdam x 3, Berghain in Berlin x 3, Output in New York x 2, Stereo in Montreal, Concrete in Paris, Village Underground in London, Nitsa in Barcelona, Ampere in Antwerp, Sound Department in Taranto, Lehman Club in Stuttgart, Decibel Festival in Seattle, and Mighty in San Francisco.


Annie Hall – Sinert


DJ and producer Annie Hall has been steadily carving a name for herself as an artist who enjoys diversity. Born and bred in Spain, Annie started her life as a DJ in 2003, having had her first encounter with vinyl when she was a kid because her brother is a reggae, dubs and roots DJ in Spain.

With a long time passion for music and a love of experimenting with new sounds Annie isn’t constrained by the same boundaries as others. Producing since 2005, she has released on labels such as Blank Code, Flash Recordings, Semantica Records, Minnuendo, D1 Recordings and Detroit Underground Recordings. ‘I love creating music from raw synthesis and get unique sounds, sometimes really interesting ones.’


Korben Nice – Lowsystem


Korben Nice is a young Spanish producer, born in the city of Toledo. He started with his first project in Madrid, learning with Adolf Marsan. His firsts productions were published in Croatia, Portugal and Italy. He has produced for the American label LABRYNTH, the label has references like A Paul and Oscar Mulero.

He has done some works for the German label Physical and 43Recordins Techno label, founded by Michel Lauriola. He is referenced to the Russian label WUNDERBLOCK.


Audiolux – Rubble Bødy [Speaks Silence Showcase]


Javier Caballero se inicia en el mundo de la música desde que empieza a sentirse atraído por el sonido dark wave y rock gótico como Joy division o The Smiths.
Influenciado por el movimiento musical electrónico de Madrid, Javier va descubriendo grupos y artistas de Ebm como Nitzer Ebb, Front 242 ó A Split Second. Para más tarde adntrarse dentro del Techno y fijándose en artistas como Oscar mulero, Jeff mills, British Murder Boys, Female, 65d Mavericks.


Cleric – Anika Kunst


Cleric (Figure, Clergy – Manchester, UK)
The mysterious Mancunian, known as Cleric, has been active since 2012. The young UK producer’s creative output has been most prolific with an extensive amount of releases on labels such as Arts, Figure and his own imprint Clergy. Celebrated for his crisp and atmospherical works, Cleric describes his music as a means to translate emotion to others.

Miki Craven – Serkin


Nacido en Barcelona a finales de los 70 en el seno de una familia de descendencia anglo-germana. Su abuelo por parte de padre es un inmigrante inglés y su abuela por parte de madre es alemana. Así mismo su familia proviene de una larga tradición musical, su bisabuelo es Ricard Lamote de Grignon, director de la Banda de Barcelona, antes de la Guerra Civil y de la Banda Municipal de Valencia en la postguerra,. Tambíen es conocido por sus innumerables composiciones siendo uno de los máximos exponentes de la música de postguerra catalana. El padre de éste también es un reputado compositor; Joan Lamote de Grignon , director de la Orquestra de Barcelona durante los primeras décadas del siglo XX.


Past events

06.09.2017Insert Showcase Moog Barcelona: Annie Hall – Korben Nice – Ruben Seoane

25.08.2017Insert Showcase Modular City Hall Barcelona: Flug – Anika Kunst – Røtter

12.07.2017Insert Showcase Moog Barcelona: Anika Kunst – Sinert – Gus Van Sound

18.06.2017Insert Showcase Off Week This Is Hardcore: Anika Kunst – Audiolux – Flug – Korben Nice – Miki Craven – Røtter – Serkin – Sinert – Spear

28.05.2017Adriana López – Men

21.05.2017Alex Bau – Flug [Credo Records 10 Aniversario Showcase]

14.05.2017Kike Pravda – Korben Nice

07.05.2017Serkin – Røtter

30.04.2017Jeroen Search – TWR72 – Amotik – Miki Craven – Men

23.04.2017Keith Carnal – trs.

16.04.2017Flug – Sinert [Rawcuts Musik Showcase]

09.04.2017Jose Pouj – Serkin

02.04.2017Anika Kunst – Aleja Sanchez

26.03.2017Sinert – Tronus

19.03.2017Simo Lorenz – Miki Craven

12.03.2017HD Substance – Men

05.03.2017Spear – Rubble Bødy

26.02.2017Anika Kunst – Korben Nice [Chapter Records Schowcase]

19.02.2017Klaudia Gawlas – Javi Lago

12.02.2017Insert Club 3.Aniversario: Flug 8hrs set

05.02.2017Gus Van Sound – Fase [Moog Showcase]

29.01.2017Marla Singer – Audiolux

22.01.2017Adriana López – Javi Lago

15.01.2017Men – Sinert

08.01.2017Røtter – Korben Nice

01.01.2017Miki Craven – Flug

18.12.2016Aiken – Anika Kunst

11.12.2016Men – Serkin

04.12.2016Edit Select – Røtter

27.11.2016Javi Lago – Cyklos

20.11.2016Pär Grindvik – Serkin

13.11.2016Flug – Mekas (live)

06.11.2016Tensal – Men

30.10.2016Miki Craven – Sinert

23.10.2016Traumhaft – Audiolux

16.10.2016Ricardo Garduno – Anika Kunst

09.10.2016Claudio PRC – Spear

02.10.2016Christian Wünsch – Men

19.06.2016Insert Showcase Off Week This Is Hardcore: Anika Kunst – Audiolux – Flug – Javi Lango – Men – Miki Craven – Segmento – Traumhaft

29.05.2016Flug – Røtter – Traumhaft – Sinert

22.05.2016Audiolux – Segmento

15.05.2016Jeff Rushin – Javi Lago

08.05.2016Men – Rubén Seoane

01.05.2016Adriana López – Anika Kunst

24.04.2016J.C. – Tørk

17.04.2016Flug – Serkin

10.04.2016P.E.A.R.L. – Audiolux

03.04.2016Mental Resonance – Traumhaft

27.03.2016Spear – Sinert

20.03.2016Christian Wünsch – Men

13.03.2016Joton – Audiolux

06.03.2016Flug – Miki Craven

28.02.2016Ricardo Garduno – Gus Van Sound

21.02.2016Jose Pouj – Røtter

14.02.2016Men – Audiolux

07.02.2016Insert 2.Aniversario: Jonas Kopp – Traumhaft

31.01.2016Javi Lago – Agnosia

24.01.2016Markus Suckut – Flug

17.01.2016Simo Lorenz – UZB

10.01.2016Reeko – Miki Craven

27.12.2015Adriana López – Spear

20.12.2015Lewis Fautzi – Traumhaft

13.12.2015Pfirter – Flug

06.12.2015Jeroen Search – Tørk

24.07.2015Insert Showcase Under Club Argentina: Flug 7hrs Set

05.04.2015Kessell – Men

15.03.2015Kwartz – Flug

01.03.2015Luis Flores – Audiolux

15.02.2015Drumcell – Tørk

01.02.2015Insert 1.Aniversario: Flug – Men – Tørk – Audiolux

01.01.2015Rebekah – Flug – Audiolux – Tørk – Kellner – Marla Singer

18.01.2015Reeko – Men

23.11.2014Pfirter – Tørk

14.09.2014Insert Showcase Open Air Toulouse: Luis Flores – Flug – Tørk – Audiolux

12.06.2014Insert Showcase Off Week: Psyk – Tadeo – Henning Bear – NX1 – Flug – Men – Serkin

18.05.2014Flug – Audiolux

11.05.2014KR!Z – Tørk

04.05.2014NX1 – Serkin

27.04.2014Miki Craven – Gus Van Sound – Men – Tørk

20.04.2014Tommy Four Seven – Flug

13.04.2014Adriana Lopez – Ricardo Garduno – Audiolux

06.04.2014Tadeo – Aiken

30.03.2014Flug – Javi Lago – Men – Audiolux – Tørk

23.03.2014Pfirter – Unam Zetineb

16.03.2014Drumcell – Flug

09.03.2014Developer – Exium – Men

02.03.2014James Ruskin – Audiolux

23.02.2014Angel Costa – Flug

16.02.2014Shifted – Men

09.02.2014Truncate – Tørk

02.02.2014Insert Apertura: Monoloc – Flug


Drumcell – Truncate – Lluis Flores – Flug [Droid Showcase]


Annie Hall – Sinert


Korben Nice – Lowsystem


Audiolux – Rubble Bødy [Speaks Silence Showcase]


Cleric – Anika Kunst


Miki Craven – Serkin


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