INSERT is Techno & Respect

Simplicity in intelligent rhythms.
Carefully illuminated sounds.
Intrigue between glances.
Equality, empathy, and authenticity.
Feeling the intensity of the moment.
Authentic club culture.

INSERT differs because of its defined
musical genre, its attention to sound and
its live controlled lighting.

NO VIP’s, we are all equal.
NO MOBILES, disconnect and let go.
NO GOGOS, we do the dancing.
NO FASHION, be yourself, dress to sweat.

…open your mind, live INSERT


Annie Hall – Sinert


Men – Gustavo Lopez


Amotik – Anika Kunst



Berlin based Amotik released his debut EP in the summer of 2015, and since then, the producer’s had a remarkable run. His style is best described as hypnotic, raw, and uncompromisingly heavy techno. Aside from releasing on his own self-titled label, he has also released on Tommy Four Seven’s imprint ’47’, and Figure’s new sub label ‘Figure Jams’. Groove Magazine has named him as one of their Hoffnungsträger (hopefuls) for 2017 in a recent feature, and have heavily supported him in their charts.

Juan Sanchez – Flug



Amsterdam-based DJ/producer and founder of the Format label Juan Sanchez has been considered a crowd favorite for years in the international techno community. Promoters across the globe have already called on Juan’s signature sound: stripped-down, powerful techno designed for peak time hours at mainstages as well as more intimate settings. Juan has performed in a wide variety of venues and festivals including Berghain (DE), D-Edge (BR), Club4 (ES), Shankeys (Ibiza), Awakenings, HYTE and Time Warp, to name but a few.


Cyklos – Dhanimal


Past events

21.10.2018Shifted – trs.

17.10.2018Showcase at Moog: Audiolux – Lowsystem – Nictofilia

14.10.2018Michelle Lauriola – Serkin

07.10.2018Kr!z – Korben Nice

30.09.2018Flug – Gustavo López

23.09.20186th Season Opening: Anika Kunst – Arnaud Le Texier – Insolate – Samuli Kemppi – Terence Fixmer

26.08.2018Jeroen Search – HD Substance – Flug

22.07.2018Pär Grindvik – Unkle Fon – Audiolux

17.06.2018Insert Showcase Off Week This Is Hardcore 2018

20.05.2018Flug – Mekas (live)

30.04.20185th Season Closing 2018 Antony Linell (Abdulla Rashim) – Audiolux – Flug – Invite – Inigo Kennedy – Shlømo

22.04.2018Motzler – Anika Kunst. Brothers Booth

15.04.2018Sinert – Tronus

08.04.2018TRS. – Daniel Rifaterra

01.04.2018Flug – Gustavo López

04.03.2018Pelacha – Aleja Sanchez

11.03.2018Insolate – Anika Kunst

18.03.2018Antenes – Nictofilia

25.03.2018Adriana Lopez – Annie Hall

25.02.2018Jonas Kopp b2b Pfirter – Flug

18.02.2018Alex Bau – Javi Lago

11.02.2018Insert 5.Anniversary: Simo Lorenz 6hrs set

04.02.2018Serkin – Korben Nice

28.01.2018Gus van Sound – Ruben Seoane

21.01.2018Kr!s – Lowsystem

14.01.2018Abstract Division – Audiolux

07.01.2018Antigone – Røtter

01.01.2018Flug – Miki Craven

25.12.2017Aiken – Cristian Wünsch – HD Substance – Joton – Svreca

17.12.2017Kike Pravda – Jose Pouj [Injected Poison Showcase]

10.12.2017Gotshell [live] – Tronus

03.12.2017Anika Kunst – Unkle Fon

26.11.2017Røtter – Spear

19.11.2017Kølpøs – Eric Fetcher

12.11.2017Aleja Sanchez – Fixon – Ricardo Garduno [Illegal Alien Records 10 Anniversary Showcase]

05.11.2017Invite – Flug

29.10.2017Miki Craven – Serkin

22.10.2017Cleric – Anika Kunst

15.10.2017Audiolux – Rubble Bødy [Speaks Silence Showcase]

08.10.2017Korben Nice – Lowsystem

01.10.2017Annie Hall – Sinert

24.09.2017Drumcell – Truncate – Lluis Flores – Flug [Droid Behavior Records 15 Anniversary Showcase]

06.09.2017Insert Showcase Moog Barcelona: Annie Hall – Korben Nice – Ruben Seoane

25.08.2017Insert Showcase Modular City Hall Barcelona: Flug – Anika Kunst – Røtter

12.07.2017Insert Showcase Moog Barcelona: Anika Kunst – Sinert – Gus Van Sound

18.06.2017Insert Showcase Off Week This Is Hardcore: Anika Kunst – Audiolux – Flug – Korben Nice – Miki Craven – Røtter – Serkin – Sinert – Spear

28.05.2017Adriana López – Men

21.05.2017Alex Bau – Flug [Credo Records 10 Anniversary Showcase]

14.05.2017Kike Pravda – Korben Nice

07.05.2017Serkin – Røtter

30.04.2017Jeroen Search – TWR72 Amoitk – Miki Craven – Men

23.04.2017Keith Carnal – trs.

16.04.2017Flug – Sinert [Rawcuts Musik Showcase]

09.04.2017Jose Pouj – Serkin

02.04.2017Anika Kunst – Aleja Sanchez

26.03.2017Sinert – Tronus

19.03.2017Simo Lorenz – Miki Craven

12.03.2017HD Substance – Men

05.03.2017Spear – Rubble Bødy

26.02.2017Anika Kunst – Korben Nice [Chapter Records Schowcase]

19.02.2017Klaudia Gawlas – Javi Lago

12.02.2017Insert Club 3.Aniversario: Flug 8hrs set

05.02.2017Gus Van Sound – Fase [Moog Showcase]

29.01.2017Marla Singer – Audiolux

22.01.2017Adriana López – Javi Lago

15.01.2017Men – Sinert

08.01.2017Røtter – Korben Nice

01.01.2017Miki Craven – Flug

18.12.2016Aiken – Anika Kunst

11.12.2016Men – Serkin

04.12.2016Edit Select – Røtter

27.11.2016Javi Lago – Cyklos

20.11.2016Pär Grindvik – Serkin

13.11.2016Flug – Mekas (live)

06.11.2016Tensal – Men

30.10.2016Miki Craven – Sinert

23.10.2016Traumhaft – Audiolux

16.10.2016Ricardo Garduno – Anika Kunst

09.10.2016Claudio PRC – Spear

02.10.2016Christian Wünsch – Men

19.06.2016Insert Showcase Off Week This Is Hardcore: Anika Kunst – Audiolux – Flug – Javi Lango – Men – Miki Craven – Segmento – Traumhaft

29.05.2016Flug – Røtter – Traumhaft – Sinert

22.05.2016Audiolux – Segmento

15.05.2016Jeff Rushin – Javi Lago

08.05.2016Men – Rubén Seoane

01.05.2016Adriana López – Anika Kunst

24.04.2016J.C. – Tørk

17.04.2016Flug – Serkin

10.04.2016P.E.A.R.L. – Audiolux

03.04.2016Mental Resonance – Traumhaft

27.03.2016Spear – Sinert

20.03.2016Christian Wünsch – Men

13.03.2016Joton – Audiolux

06.03.2016Flug – Miki Craven

28.02.2016Ricardo Garduno – Gus Van Sound

21.02.2016Jose Pouj – Røtter

14.02.2016Men – Audiolux

07.02.2016Insert 2.Anniversary: Jonas Kopp – Traumhaft

31.01.2016Javi Lago – Agnosia

24.01.2016Markus Suckut – Flug

Annie Hall_Sinert

Annie Hall – Sinert


Men – Gustavo Lopez


Amotik – Anika Kunst


Juan Sanchez – Flug


Cyklos – Dhanimal


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