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At the the forefront of the French techno scene, Antigone is today a leader and mentor
for a whole new generation of electronic music producers and djs.
His entry into the world of electronic music has been highly acclaimed with his initial
EP Forbidden Works published by Construct Re-form. Antigone followed his debut with
the Menace of Species release on Concrete Music, offering him a warm welcoming by
his peers.

Tracks like «As I walk to you» for Construct Re-Form or his EP «The Day the Sky Fell
» (for Indigo Aera) illustrate this very personal melodic and melancholic style of his
His powerful dj skills has guided Antigone to the doors international clubs and festivals,
rewarding him a residency since 5 years at Concrete , where he continuously gathers
captived publics with a diversified and intense tracks selection, which definitely brought
him a solid artistic reputation.
Musicwise, his meteoric ascent and the warm reception to all his productions make
Antigone an emblematic player in the French Techno scene: a track on PoleGroup

(Compilation Unknown Landscapes Vol. 3 mixed by Exium), the highly acclaimed Can-
tor Dust, establishing the beginning of a collaboration between Antonin Jeanson and

Token, his mother label since 2015 , « We Move As One » on Dement3d, in collabora-
tion with François X on Dement3d, his all time complice or more recently, in 2017, his

skills as a remixer have seen him rework Slam’s classic « Positive Education » for the
25th Soma Quality recordings anniversary amongst other upcoming projects.

« Ostitano», the 4th ep, on his mother label Token will be released in September fol-
lowed up by an album in 2018.

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RØTTER, puristically minded about techno, keeps his head down  and lets his music speak for itself.  Little is known about the artist and it’s as though he has just appeared out of thin air.  Not one to deceive however his sets leave you in no doubt about his extensive know how and skill.  Having so far shared the decks with artists such as Mulero, Speedy J and AnD among others, means he takes his work seriously.

A hard, percussive, dense techno, within that bpm range that seems like , unless someone like him is there to contain it, an unwelcome caos would descend upon the dance floor. Currently a resident DJ at Insert Club, one of Barcelona’s most underground    happenings and is part of Insert Booking. You don’t need to know about RØTTER: Just listen and dance.

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