Serkin – Korben Nice


A decade following his initial foray into Barcelona’s underground scene, Kevin Schwantz has kept the same vision of electronica as fuel for social change.

At present his musical projects appear under the name Serkin, a new adventure in the field of musical creation. His first work with K DATA Records, undertaken in collaboration with Catalan producer Kostnic, released under the title “Teoría De Las Perturbaciones(kdata, 2014).”


At the same time Kevin Schwantz continues to be involved in managing and event planning for the Technodrome collective that he has represented since 2009 and with whom he strives against all odds to present, in keeping with his ideals and principles, a musical alternative first and foremost for the city of Barcelona.

Finally, together with the support of his usual partners, he directs and manages Celobert events focused on supporting and promoting the many artists who have come out of the recent and emerging national scene.



Korben Nice is a young Spanish producer, born in the city of Toledo. He started with his first project in Madrid, learning with Adolf Marsan. His firsts productions were published in Croatia, Portugal and Italy. He has produced for the American label LABRYNTH, the label has references like A Paul and Oscar Mulero.

He has done some works for the German label Physical and 43Recordins Techno label, founded by Michel Lauriola. He is referenced to the Russian label WUNDERBLOCK.

He´s last work mixing to Hd Substance for the finnish label BLACK and editing the reference 015 for the Leandro Gamez/ Hd Substance label Sub Tl.

Currently he is living in Barcelona, ​​where artists such as Flug, founder of Insert Club mix Korben Nice’s tracks in his techno sessions. On January 2017 he will debut as a resident artist at the techno club from Barcelona.

Korben Nice opts for atmospheric and hypnotic sounds. The style which defines him is the electronic music and techno.

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8€ Longdrink
3€ Beer, Shot, Tonic y Water
1,50€ Wardrobe

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11€ with a longdrink BEFORE 7pm (if you are on a Facebook list, you have the WhatsApp flyer or the discount card)
13€ with a longdrink AFTER 7pm (if you are on a Facebook list, you have the WhatsApp flyer or the discount card)
15€ with a longdrink if you do not have any discount or list

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