Drumcell – Truncate – Lluis Flores – Flug [Droid Behavior Records 15 Anniversario Showcase]


Founded by Drumcell and brothers Raiz, DROID BEHAVIOR was started 15 years ago in Los Angeles as the underground warehouse event Interface featuring techno luminaries from around the globe, often for their USA debut (including Speedy J, Sandwell District, Surgeon, Chris Leibing), in addition to residents Drumcell, Raiz, and Audio Injection and Oktaform (Droid/Timewarp/Hyte) on visuals. Soon followed a record label featuring releases from its residents and friends, including Dustin Zahn, DJ Hyperactive, Flug, Luis Flores, and Kyle Geiger.

Since it’s inception, it’s garnered a global fan base for its quality audio and visual production, unique venues and packaging, well-curated bookings, and an overall vibe that remains unmatched in The States. As such, Interface and DROID nights have hit some of the world’s most prestigious clubs and music festivals as follows – The Movement in Detroit x 9, ADE in Amsterdam x 3, Berghain in Berlin x 3, Output in New York x 2, Stereo in Montreal, Concrete in Paris, Village Underground in London, Nitsa in Barcelona, Ampere in Antwerp, Sound Department in Taranto, Lehman Club in Stuttgart, Decibel Festival in Seattle, and Mighty in San Francisco.


Droid artists have been recently featured on podcasts and radio shows for Trax Magazine France, XLR8R, Slam, CLR, and Rinse FM. Droid artists have also been prominently featured in global music media including Resident Advisor, Electric Beats, Thump/Vice, Mixmag, Groove Magazine Germany, Trax Magazine in France, and Soundwall in Italy.

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Drumcell was born as Moe Espinosa in Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley. Far away from the glamour and glitter of Hollywood, he cut his teeth growing up in a vibrant, culturally diverse neighborhood that still breeds inspiration for his work. San Gabriel Valley is also where he and the Raíz brothers, Vangelis and Vidal, met and founded Droid Behavior in the early 2000s which lead to the infamous Interface warehouse series and lauded techno label Droid Recordings.

A classically trained musician in his youth, Moe came to circulate around the Noise, Punk and Industrial scene, playing guitar and singing in various bands until he discovered the early ‘90s L.A. rave scene. That was when he got in touch with some of the heroic synthesizers of techno’s early years. His enthusiasm for those synthetic sounds lead to a career as a Product Specialist at Native Instruments and to independent musician and engineer work across Los Angeles. Some of his studio contributions include work for Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails, Maynard James Keenan of Tool, Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb, Gary Numan, George Clinton, Kool Keith, Qbert, and Cut Chemist.

By then, Moe was chuffed to pursue his own productions. When he handed out his first self-produced, self- pressed vinyls at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2001, he heard them being played from the festival stages the very next day. Since then, he has released original productions or remixed tracks on DROID, CLR, Electric Deluxe, Dystopian, Torque, Silent Steps, Blank Code, Ibadan, Detroit Underground, and much more. This style has caught the attention of many of the world’s top techno jocks, with strong track support from the likes of Luke Slater, Speedy J, and Chris Leibing. This style has also reached numerous prestigious international clubs and festivals. From Berlin’s techno mecca Berghain to the main stage of The Movement in Detroit to North American nightclubs like Output and Stereo to festivals across Europe, Latin America, Japan and Australia – Drumcell’s sound can be heard around the world.

In 2016, Drumcell debuted his ambient project HYPOXIA on his experimental label BL_K NOISE. Inspired by science fiction soundtracks and the sounds of artists like John Carpenter, Wendy Carlos, Goblin and Vangelis, the Hypoxia release steps away from the dance floor and into a broader space of contemplative drama and rich texture. Producing infinite movement with his Buchla and Eurorack systems, Hypoxia all hardware performance has been heard at highly curated atmospheres from Berghain in Berlin to Brooklyn’s Greyscale Series at Output to pop-up concerts on the LA River.

Drumcell explores and discovers the analogue world as much as the digital world of music production, to finally combine them into his very own raw, suspenseful and hypnotic style. Influenced by a myriad of music as well as science fiction and machines, he has developed an addiction to analog synthesis which has led to ceaseless experiments in his studio in search of new, mind-expanding sounds. As one of the most esoteric techno artists in North America, his sound disregards genre limitations and is everything but conventional techno.

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After being introduced to electronic music back in the early 90’s in Los Angeles, a teenage David Flores was hooked. He started DJing across Southern California on the DIY warehouses, desert, and rave circuit. His style then was as varied as the local scene – a myriad of sounds ranging from house to acid to techno to hardcore. After a few years solely DJing, he began releasing original music under the moniker Audio Injection, which landed on labels such as Monoid, Stimulus, 4 Track & LA label Droid Recordings. His association with Droid Behavior began in 2003 and continues today as resident at the infamous and internationally acclaimed Interface event series alongside Drumcell and Raiz.

In early 2011, he started the project Truncate to focus on the deeper, raw side of techno. His Truncate releases have been gain critical acclaim from world class underground talent such as Modeselektor, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing, Speedy J, DVS1, Luke Slater, Ben Sims, Josh Wink, Eats Everything, Joris Voorn, and many more. Since then, he has provided remixes for artists across the musical spectrum including Kink! for Pets Recordings, Slam for Soma, Trus’me for Prime Numbers, and Josh Wink for Boyznoise. He has also released original tracks on 50 Weapons and on Ultramajic as a collaboration with Jimmy Edgar, with upcoming works due on Blueprint Recordings and of course Truncate.

A rigorous international tour schedule has followed, including included stops at the most prestigious venues and events, including Berghain in Berlin, Fabric in London, Concrete in Paris, The Movement Festival in Detroit, Womb in Tokyo, Dimensions Festival in Croatia, Awakenings in Amsterdam and Output in New York.

With his heavy remix, production and touring schedule there is still no slowing down for David. He continues to shape an evolving sound and to champion the Los Angeles underground.

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Sound> In an era of countless techno and house sub-genres, classifying Luis Flores’s sound is a difficult feat, and that is precisely its purpose. His personality and experience are present in every track he produces, where the normally inorganic techno manages to elicit large amounts of groove and sense of humor. Flores’s interaction with the machine becomes the listeners’ interaction with auditory landscapes of eeriness, altered states and paranoia. A minimal use of elements results in a rich spectrum of textures and a dark and trippy dance floor pull. Live shows, improvisational in nature, can last anywhere from 2- 5 hours, resulting in a hypnotic exploration of the possibilities of electronic production.
Bio> In the more than fifteen years he has been producing electronic music, Luis Flores has not only made a name for himself but has been at the forefront of a movement that made the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, a hot spot for electronic music production and events. At the center of this movement was Nopal Beat Records, a label that created its unique brand of music, reflecting the quintessentially contradictory and dark spirit of Mexican nightlife. As Artistic Director of Nopal Beat, Luis worked with cultural authorities to produce a string of massive, free public events that could bring electronic music to a wider group of people and provided a stage for local producers. In 2006, he began experimenting with an audiovisual project called Kümbia Korrupters, focu- sed on samples from Mexican movies of the fifties and sixties. Towards 2007, the need for a more depurated style led to the launch of Antena Discos by the Nopal Beat team, which gave Luis artistic license to take his music back to his techno roots.
In 2009 the release of the “Damage” EP on Droid Recordings, established Flores as an inter- national artist with its immediate success, making the charts of artists such as Speedy J, The Detroit Grand Pubbahs and Chris Liebing’s Best 10 of 2009. In 2010, Dietrich Schoenemann’s Hidden Agenda released “Pain + Prosthetics”, an EP which among other things includes a collaboration with Canadian: Vitamins 4 U.
Flores published “Love Your Machine” under Dj Emersosn’s Berlin imprint: Micro.Fon the following year. Further exploring the audiovisual aspect of his music, he created the video teaser for the single using J.G. Ballard’s “Crash” as reference and inspiration.
In 2012 he returned to Droid for the release of “New Flesh” which included remixes by label owner Drumcell and CLR’s Brian Sanhaji. This year was also marked by people’s interest in his sound with remix requests for legendary names like Jam n Spoon and The Advent.
2013 began with his first collaboration with Berlin based producer Material Object and the release of the “Crowd Control” EP under the Impact Unit moniker for the French label Silent Steps and in 2014 he’ll release “Rituals of Submission” on Detroit’s Blank Code, “Test Pattern” EP in the Spring for CLR and the “Metal” remix for Black Asteroid under EDLX.
Luis has represented México at the Meet in Beijing, ADE in Amsterdam, Rock al Parque in Bogotá, Borderline Festival in China, Brussels BEMF, in his recent Australian tour, as well as his return to the iconic Berghain club in Berlin during his last European tour.

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Flug, como su nombre sugiere en Aleman, lleva a su audiencia a hacer un vuelo de regreso a sus raíces, llevándolos a conectar con su ser interior sintiendo realmente el tecno en su estado mas puro.
Ha actuado en clubs de la talla de, Space Ibiza, Arena Club Berlín, Lehman club, Stuttgart, Rex París, Moog Barcelona, Flex Viena y festivales como Hyte Ámsterdam, DGTL Barcelona, Nature One o MAYDAY en Alemania, por nombrar algunos. Es uno de los Djs Argentinos que ha destacado claramente en el extranjero, no sólo a través de sus sesiones de DJ, que son devastadoras, con serios e imponentes kicks, convinados con el uso sutil de los hi-hats y líneas de bajo profundas y constantes, sino que también por el impulso de su propio sonido, que orgánicamente ha desarrollado a travez de los años, este versátil artista hace que su música sea especialmente reconocida por amalgamar sonidos industriales con ritmos melódicos, elegantes y elocuentes que llevan a uno a experimentar un autentico viaje.
CLR, Soma, Sleaze, Enemy, Natchstrom o Format Records por nombrar algunos, son los sellos que han apostado por su sonido.

Su música es reconocida y pinchada mundialmente, contando con el apoyo de artistas como Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Len Faki, Dave Clark, Ben Sims, Speedy J, DVS1, Pfirter and Joseph Cappriati Sam Paganini y muchos otros.

Flug, ha desarrollado con el correr de los años una brutal disciplina en el estudio, su pasión y full dedicación al mundo del arte y de la música, ha convertido su profesión en su causa y en su razón de vida. Habiendo nacido rodeado de artistas y Djs fue muy natural su conexión con el mundo de la música electronica.
Teniendo ya una carrera solida, viajando a travez de europa y sudamerica constantemente, Flug se encuentra en este momento en un estado natural de conexión con el mundo de la música, brindado en cada show un altísimo contenido tanto energético como mental.

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