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“My love and passion for music inspires me to continually find ways to grow as an artist.
Building upon minimalistic techno of the 90’s as the foundation for my music, I love to
experiment with different types of abstract techno, discovering new layers to the art.” – Tim van

Tim van Paradijs is a DJ, producer and label owner best known by his alias Invite. With an
unwavering focus on music for more than two decades, Tim has established himself a firm
position in the techno community, allowing him to share his talents in clubs all over Europe, as
well as Russia and Asia.


At his Utrecht-based studio, Tim combines the old with the new, using old-fashioned analogue
machines to complement the latest recording and post-processing techniques. Tim’s DJ sets are
a unique combination of old records coupled with the best of what modern day techno has to

In 2015, Tim launched his label, Invite’s Choice Records; a concept through which he aims to
spread his love for electronic music as a whole and more specifically, techno music. Besides the
label, the Invite’s Choice project currently also includes a well-received podcast series and his
popular Label Nights, a showcase of talented artists.

As label head, Tim signs EP’s by musicians who have been in the game for decades, while also
maintaining his commitment to finding and supporting new artists. With his Label Nights
showcases, Tim brings together a diverse roster of artists with a variety of experiences and
approaches to their music. Tim combines it all in his own characteristic way.

Whether you watch him perform, listen to his label’s music or browse through his podcast series,
you are sure to receive a thoughtfully and meticulously crafted collection of music, lovingly
curated by Tim himself. A little modesty never goes amiss, however. “It is not about me. In the
end, it is all about the dance floor. If people dance, I return home a happy man.” – Tim van




Flug, as his name suggests, allows his audience to take a trip back to their roots, back to their inner self and what it is to really feel techno. In venues such as, Space Ibiza, Arena Club Berlin, Rex Paris, Moog Barcelona, Hyte Amsterdam, and MAYDAY, Dortmund to name a few, the Argentinian´s definition of techno has been clearly demonstrated not only through his DJ sets that are as devastating as they are uplifting with his serious kick drums, use of hi-hats and reverberating basslines, but also through driving his own organically produced techno forward with an EP released on CLR – ‘Sincrodestino’, and remixes for SOMA – Slam Reverse Proceed Remixes, only to scratch the surface, cutting his industrially chizzled sound with melodical rythms both elegant and almost eloquent in nature.

His music is now recognised and played worldwide having artists such as, Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Len Faki, Dave Clark, Ben Sims, Speedy J, DVS1, Pfirter and Joseph Cappriati, among many others, as supporters of his work.

Flug´s unrivaled and brutal self-discipline in the studio, his humbleness in approach, his fierce passion for and overall dedication to the cause, as well as having grown up living and breathing electronic music, have given Flug, real name Sebastian, a long and welcoming insight into what it really means to be a DJ and producer in today’s techno world, which in his opinion, means keeping it real.

Having a solid carrer in what he truly loves, Flug now plans to start his own record label early next year with his new album ‘The Man Behind the Artist’, already in the pipeline to be edited and released on one of Berlin’s record labels, Enemy at the end of 2015. The album, when finished, will be by far his most personal and reflective piece of work, as it is, in his words, “statement of freedom”.

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