Kmyle – Hemka [Skryptöm Showcase]



Samy, aka Kmyle, is an experienced DJ and producer he offers a unique raw style of techno music.
Keen on electronic music since he was a child, Samy could deservedly be considered a self- taught musician.

Born in Algiers, he steps foot in France at the age of 5 before leaving for a few years for Montreal with his family, returning to Southern France in 1998. He used to listen a lot to his sister playing the piano before trying to recreate the melodies by himself. Noticing this tendency, his parents sign him in for music school where he learns the guitar and the piano. Regular school is not what animates him the most and he seeks to thrive through music. He starts to play several gigs in his town’s concert hall.

Aged of 11, Samy starts digging into techno music. Fascinated with late night radio shows from London or Detroit, he starts collecting these exclusive techno mix tapes on cassette. “I thought they were amazing even without understanding what they were doing”. He finds a music production software in his local library and spends his afternoons rather at the record store than in classrooms. Thanks to his first savings, he managed to purchase a pair of turntables and starts producing and mixing at home.

Visiting all nightclubs of his region, he finally meets several artists and professionals of the techno movement. He officially plays for the first time in Marseille at an after party under a former alias, what enables him to release several of his productions on notorious labels.

After moving to Toulouse in 2012, and after visiting many European clubs ,his sound turns into a rawer, more emotional and pared down techno. Antoine Husson is convinced by this first draft and signs him on his label, Skryptöm . He offers Samy the opportunity to start a new project, entitled Kmyle.

After a lot of releases on Clergy , Stockholm Ltd and Skryptom , Kmyle will see the release of his first solo album in 2017 , condensed with strong, authentic emotional work and motivation, that cannot leave its audience impassive.



Hemka is one of the most promising djs and producers in the boiling Parisian scene.
Her skills behind the decks got her sharing the stage with figures of the international Techno circuit such as Len Faki, Kobosil, Henning Baer, Lewis Fautzi, to name a few.
She always impresses with the quality of her selection with a huge focus on the 90’s sonorities while keeping an eye on modern textures. Her techno is rhythmical, psychedelic and drummy, while the emotional element is ever-present. After many residencies in Paris, Hemka is now resident of Exil (parisian crew) alongside SHDW & Obscure Shape and Remco Beekwilder helping the crew rising up through Europe. She’s playing all over France and Europe with or without her crew and her name is now spreading since she’s played in Russia.

On the production side, Hemka delivers material where the sound of synthesizers is a key component.
After several releases and remixes, she joined dutch label « FLOAT Records » in 2017 alongside TWR72, Tensal, PEARL and Sleeparchive with an outstanding release called « the Mystery of the black flamingo » with which she got herself her nice review on Resident Advisor and gigs in mythic clubs like Tresor and Rex Club.

In 2018, her talent got noticed by Tripeo (Darko Esser) who’s offered her a space on his purist imprint « BALANS». Indeed, she released a first EP called « 707 Collision » including remixes of Tripeo himself and a second EP called « Familiar » with 4 brand new tracks that have been played at Awakenings this year. Meanwhile, Tripeo and Hemka have built a true friendship that is driving them to a very awaited collaboration « Tripka » and have also played their first set together all night long last summer at Glazart, Paris. Furthermore, Darko keeps trusting Hemka by offering her a new slot in 2019 on BALANS with, this time, an upcoming Album of 10 tracks.

Things keep moving for Hemka since she’s got contacted by Radio Slave and will make soon her debut on his brilliant label « REKIDS » early next year.


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