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Tronus is a new Barcelona based techno project with a unique, intense and emotional sound.

A singular project defined by an unbound vision of music that mirrors a philosophy built up over the lives of Albert Díaz and Víctor Quintana. An evolution from classical techno rawness into a 21st century complex sound, layering hypnotic harmonies, rich atmospheres and unforgiving bass lines.

Since their debut album ‘Infra LP’ on 2017, every release has been supported and charted by top techno artists around the globe such as Laurent Garnier, Len Faki, Abstract Division, Answer Code Request, Antigone, Arnaud Le Texier, Boston 168, Charlotte de Witte, Deepbass, Flug, Francois X, Paul Ritch, Takaaki Itoh, Sam Paganini, Shlømo or Richie Hawtin, who selected ‘Protos’ as one of his Top Ten tracks of 2017 for BBC Radio 1.

That quickly catches the attention at Insert, benchmark club for Barcelona’s modern techno scene. Having become Insert residents in 2018, their intricate an expressive Hybrid Set is now one of the most in­demand at the city’s main underground music events such as Insert Razzmatazz, Moog, Astra, Node or Bahn.

Today Tronus keeps pushing their way into the future through a vision of techno as musical avant­garde, hi­tech art and experimentation.



Ash is a space traveler exploring the galaxies around the cosmos, searching for intelligent life and communicating with them through analog machines and sound vibrations also known as Space Music.

Hypnotism made trough technology, very well defined low end frequencies, rhythmic pulsing bass lines, flying modulated synthesizers, minimalistic high frequencies elements, no noise alarms screams and sounds that hurt the ears, is a good way to explain what is Space Music.

For Ash, the goal of each hypnosis session is to inspire freedom, disconnection of the mind, create a feeling of well being in a collective sensorial fusion and make the dance floor express itself spontaneously through Space Music.

Dj, music producer, percussionist, analog machines and vinyl freak, with exciting and exotic abilities on mixing, is known by his own music style (Space Music). Originally from São Paulo – Brazil, Ash a.k.a. Leandro Rossi is inside the music industry since 1998 playing, sampling, recording bands and producing his own music.

He has played in several clubs in São Paulo and southern Brazil, Buenos Aires (AR), Lyon (FR) and Barcelona (ES) where he lives since 2012. Nowadays he are dedicated to the music production and dj carrier. He already spinned in the best local clubs and parties like HEX, BAHN-, Moog, El Row, La Terrrazza, CatWalk, Mac Arena Mar, City Hall, BeCool, Under Club, Macarena, Boulevard BLVD y Barts.


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